Each piece of SUPERIOR FIBRE is individually inspected before being processed into a consistent and fantastic riding surface. The fibres are soft and cushioning without allowing the horse to ride deep, whilst also being robust and supportive..

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Equichip Riding
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  • Reduces surface blowing away
  • Aids water drainage
  • Reduces surface freezing
  • High quality riding surface
  • Reduces likelihood of horse becoming lame
  • 99.99% contamination free
  • Hand produced

Superior Fibre can be used as a surface TOPPER or COMPLETE STANDALONE.

This surface is setting a new standard within the equestrian world and for its riding surfaces, this is because it is produced by people with an equestrian mindset and specifically to give you the desired ride from your horse.

What we focus on:

  • Quality
  • Whether the surface tracks
  • How it performs in varying weather conditions
  • Riding deep or shallow, supportive and forgiving
  • Riding discipline
  • Lifespan of the surface
  • Ease of maintenance


Superior Fibre requires NO maintenance, only a general poo-pick.

Comes in various colours and blended types of carpet tiles

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