Sand riding surfaces are the most well established and traditional surface used throughout the equestrian world. Many people are understandably apprehensive about placing their trust in a new and novel surface that differs from the norm.
But, sand most definitely has it’s drawbacks, something that we certainly hear on a day to day basis.
These include…
  • Immensely costly; typical 20m x 40m arena = £8000
  • Riding too deep and ‘lively’
  • Blowing in windy conditions, quickly leaving the surface bare
  • Blowing in horse and rider’s face
  • Expensive to buy and maintain as regular top-ups are required
  • Tends to bank and track
  • High maintenance with regular harrowing
  • In dry weather can compact
  • When compact can prevent water drainage
  • In wet weather can become easily waterlogged
  • In wet weather can be washed away
  • Requires a good depth of 140mm which is approximately 200 tons on a 20m x 40m arena
  • Increased surface loss due to flicking effect of hooves
  • Increased risk of horse becoming lame
  • Negatively impacts environment; using natural resource
Arena Sand
Now we will discuss the attributes that our surface’s present. In this instance the riding surfaces will be Superior Fibre and Riding Chip as they are made from the same base textile, carpet tiles.
These include…
Horse Arena
  • Sensibly and competitively priced; 20m x 40m arena standalone (direct to membrane) from £2000, plus delivery. Or from £1000 for a topper
  • Minimal surface tracking and movement due to surface construction
  • Allows free flowing of water through the surface and improved drainage
  • Minimal maintenance, only a poo pick is required
  • Reduced surface flicking and blowing in windy conditions
  • Will last 12+* years – Keep more of your surface for longer
  • Fantastic underfoot support that cushions your horse’s hoof and reduces likelihood of horse becoming lame
  • Does not freeze
  • Multi discipline
  • All weather
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not compact
Luckily, anyone who makes a purchase from us can rest assured. We are third generation ‘horsey people’, we understand what is needed from a surface, for both those who make the purchase and those who actually ride on our surface’s. Our surface’s have been designed and manufactured with you in mind, to meet your needs on all points.
Many happy yard owners have already placed their trust in us, will you be next?