When in the process of selecting the correct horse footing or riding surface it is vitally important that you conduct thorough and proper research into the following factors:
Material Source and Processing
  • The surface’s source – Where does it come from?
  • What was is previously (if any) used for?
  • How is the surface processed into a riding surface?
  • Does the company your purchasing from solely produce riding surfaces, or does it handle other materials that may contaminate your surface?
  • Is your surface mass produced and therefore increase the risk of contamination and decrease consistency of the surface?
  • Our surface’s come largely from newly produced textiles, from reputable companies. Some of our surface’s are from used sources however, they are inspected during the sorting process before they ever come to us, in-turn helping significantly reduce the likelihood of any unwanted objects.
  • As above, most of our surface’s are produced by-product when manufacturing new textile products. The used textiles we handle come from across the UK and when extracted from site are inspected and cleaned before being delivered to us.
  • We have our own inhouse processing machinery. Each piece of material is inspected before being processed to ensure only the highest quality material becomes a riding surface.
  • We produce riding surfaces, it’s 99% of all our work. We operate only as a producer of equestrian surfaces; we have a mindset and focus that scrutinises the question “What best makes a riding surface?”.
  • We do not handle any other material besides that which can make a riding surface, cross contamination is not an issue with us.
  • Our surfaces are not mass produced, we diligently sort materials by eye and process them slowly and carefully.
Shredded Fiber
The Riding Surface Suitability
  • What is the riding surface made from?
  • What is the expected lifespan of the surface?
  • What affect does the riding surface have on the surrounding environment?
  • Is the riding surface suitable for your riding discipline?
  • What maintenance is required?
  • What does the surface come in, bags/ loose/ bales?
  • 2 of the 3 riding surfaces we commonly produce are derived from carpet tiles and tile offcuts. The third surface is produced from broadloom carpet and has synthetic fibres.
  • With proper maintenance and care our surfaces will last 12+ years.
  • The research and investigation we have conducted has found that our surfaces pose no known negative impact on the surrounding environment and ecology in which our surfaces are situated.
  • All our surfaces are suitable for multidiscipline use and can be used both in and outdoors, they are all-weather surfaces.
  • Maintenance for our surfaces has been designed to be kept to a minimum. You can leave our surfaces rolled or unrolled, it comes down to the user’s discretion and what they require from the surface. All our surfaces only require a general poo pick and rarely will need harrowing. Our surfaces have been designed so as tracking is kept to a minimum.
  • All our surfaces come in large builders bulk bags, making them easy to move and storage at your leisure
Horse Footing Surface
Company Background and Ethics
  • Does the company your purchasing from have any equestrian links or background?
  • Do they understand what people are looking for in a riding surface?
  • Have they even ever sat on a horse?
  • How does the company producing the riding surface operate?
  • Do they handle material responsibly and are they credible and registered with the Environment Agency?
  • We come from an equestrian upbringing in both our personal and business lives. Those who work within our company have spent many a weekend in a horsebox travelling the country to various shows to compete.
  • We believe we know exactly what people look for in a riding surface, having ridden for many years and on many surfaces a deep understanding has been developed on what exactly constitutes a suitable riding surface.
  • We’ve sat on many horses… we’ve fallen off a few too!
  • The way in which Equipro operates is with a concern and understanding in all aspects. We like to play our part in reducing textile waste from landfill or WTE. We provide a responsible and legal means for our clients when dealing with textiles. Equipro produces diligently and with care, riding surfaces suitable for all riding disciplines.
  • We take the handling and legality of dealing with textiles with the utmost seriousness and are registered with the Environment Agency.
Code of Ethics