Here you can view a portfolio of our works from many customers and arenas that we have helped to transform around the UK.

One of our most recent clients transformed their arena with the help of our Superior Fibre riding surface. As you can see the overgrown layer of grass where removed revealing a sand base, before then having our Superior Fibre spread on top which has given the surface of the manege a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Customer: Fiona Badu

Customer Comments: ” Fantastic surface. Super quick delivery. Can’t fault this company. 🏆🏆🏆🏆”

Another happy customer of ours opted for our Equestrian Riding Chip surface. As you can see from the pictures this customer decided to lay the surface onto a wood chip surface with fantastic results, turning a boggy arena into a usable area for horse and rider alike.

Customer: Alison Jayne Corp

Customer Comments: “The horses love it…So, a huge THANK YOU to EQUIPRO…I have one of the latest products from a company called EQUIPRO, chipped carpet tiles. I won mine in one of their 99p start auctions”

Jess Obrien from Church Farm, also chose our Equestrian Riding Chip surface. Her arena was looking tired and nearly down to the membrane. With a good layer of our surface the arena became usable again and to this day both Jess and her liveries enjoy the benefit of our surface.

Customer: Jess Obrien

Customer Comments: “Thanks to Equipro for all your help in turning our old Sand Menage into our lovely new one with the chip. Feels like riding on sponge. No more wet soggy sand! Really reasonably priced for the amount you get. Fast service. And looks good. Thanks again ( you leg-end!”

This little project in 2018 was at Hope View Sensory Farm in Leigh. We removed the old kick-boards and replaced with new, before then levelling the existing surface, laying a new membrane and finished with  Fibre-Flight standalone surface – similar to Superior Fibre. Everybody on the yard loved the transformation and is one of our most fulfilling projects to date.

Customer: June Doorey

Customer Comments: “Equipro have transformed our menage at Hope View Sensory Farm into a wonderful riding surface. We are delighted with the finish he is reliable and very professional. Extremely good value for money for a very smart menage.”

One of our first clients on Wirral, was in need of a surface refurbishment. We decided to excavate 60mm from the top of the surface before then laying down our Equestrian Riding chip as a topper. It’s plain to see when an even and consistent finish the surface now has, that provides fantastic underfoot support with its firmness whilst also providing a cushioning bounce.

Customer: Katie Marie Douglas-Dala

Customer Comments: A fabulous service and great product. Equipro turn up when they say they will and work like a troopers. Equestrian Riding Chip surface has revolutionised our arena which was previously unusable and is great to ride on. 100% recommended!”

Our first ever customer at New Fernbank Farm was over the moon when they chose our Equestrian Riding Chip, they needed an all weather, all discipline surface that worked for them at there livery yard.

Customer: Val Woodley

Customer Comments: …. They made a video for us!

Fernbank Review

Geplaatst door Equipro Equestrian Surfaces op Dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Cudding Stud was is need of the surface levelling with the addition of our Superior Fibre riding surface as a topper to aid in bounce and movement of the horses across the arena. In subsequent conversations the owners commented on how much of a positive difference our Superior Fibre had made and they where also made up in the lack of maintenance the surface took compared to the sand base they had previously

Customer(s): Mark Robert Reeves & Steven Hulston

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