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Third generation with an equestrian background, coupled with more than 8 years in producing the best riding surfaces means that the Equipro team know what we’re doing.

Our riding surfaces have been engineered specifically for multi-disciple use and all year round riding, making our surfaces unique in performance and longevity.

Our goal is to help customers make an informed decision when purchasing a riding surface from us. We understand that purchasing a new surface is a huge and costly investment, one which you and others will have to live with for many years to come. This is why we have created a “Frequently Asked Questions” page dedicated to answering some of the big questions that you may have on your top priority.

Making an informed decision is part and parcel of making the right decision.

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Customer service and aftercare is a major priority of ours. This helps things run smoothly.

Competent & Friendly

Our staff know their stuff and are willing to discuss your specific needs.

Quality Riding Surfaces

Our surfaces are inspected before processing ensuring a quality surface every time.

Ease Of Delivery

We have a comprehensive network of hauliers working on our behalf, helping every delivery be a breeze.

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