Our polypropylene stability fibres help to stabilise your riding surface and offer an enhanced root structure when blended with sand. Our First-Class Fibre is post-consumer carpet that has been individually selected and passed through a filtration system ensuring that you are left with a quality product. Another major benefit is that our synthetic stability fibres will not degrade, this ensures that your riding surface will withstand the test of time.

First-Class Fibre provides a cushioning effect that aids for a smoother ride and more importantly reduces the likelihood of your horse becoming lame.


Benefits of our Fibre-Class Fibre

  • For professional & domestic use
  • Will not blow away
  • Cost-effective & easy to maintain
  • Provides enhanced support to your horse whilst also being forgiving
  • Reduced dust helping to reduce likelihood of provoking an allergic reaction from your horse
  • Enhanced underfoot support when riding, schooling or lunging
  • Excellent in many weather conditions
  • Reduces ground freezing in low temperature conditions
  • Provides increased surface traction reducing likelihood of horse slipping in wet weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be used with pre-existing surface
  • Aids water drainage

First-Class Fibre is sold per 800KG bag (Catch weight)


First-Class Fibre Maintenance

Like any surface ensuring longevity from Equestrian Riding Fibre is dependant on how you maintain it. Being a polypropylene structure ensure that the fibre is very robust however, some basic maintenance is required; Keep the fibre moist (approximately 20/30% saturation) will help reduce any flocculant dust forming. Regular harrowing, once weekly depending on the arena usage is sufficient in giving the fibrous surface an even wear rate and a general level spread throughout the arena/ paddock. Cleaning up foul waste from your horse or pony after riding is highly suggested as it prevents the fibre from clumping and staining.

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