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How Does Your Riding Surface Calculator Work?

We’ve tried to make the Riding Surface Calculator as simple as possible.

First of all you will need to decide which of our riding surfaces you prefer.

Secondly, you will need to know what width and length your arena is, a typical arena is 20m x 40m.

Thirdly, you will have to enter which application you require “Topper” or Standalone”.

Lastly, you will need to enter your delivery postcode.

The Riding Surface Calculator will display the total without VAT/ total including VAT/ grand total including VAT and delivery.

How Does Your Payment Plan Work?

You will need to enter your requirements into our Riding Surface Calculator to determine how much your new surface will cost. You will then need to contact us with the results from the Riding Surface Calculator and inform us for how long you would like to spread the cost of the surface, 12/ 18 or 24 months. Once you have provided us with all the relevant information we will then send out paperwork which will need to be completed before being returned to us. We will then invoice you for the VAT and delivery only and set you up on our system for payment. Finally we will deliver your new riding surface.

How Do I Use "Order Now" When Purchasing A Riding Surface?

Once you have entered in all of the required details using the Riding Surface Calculator you will then need  to enter the following into the “Order Now” section:

  1. Select your riding surface type
  2. Enter in the quantity of bags shown in the “Bags of Surface Required – Maximum 20 Bags Per Load”
  3. Enter in your preferred delivery date
  4. Enter your billing and delivery details
  5. Copy the amount shown in “Grand Total Including VAT and Delivery” into field that requires the price.
  6. Accept terms and conditions
  7. Enter card details and pay

How Much Will Delivery Cost?

You can find out delivery cost by using our Riding Surface Calculator.

Do You Send Out Samples Of Your Surfaces?

Yes, please contact us requesting a sample and provide your postal address.

How Long Will It Take To Deliver My New Surface?

You may inform us of a preferred delivery date and we will endeavour to deliver your surface when requested. We provide all delivery drivers with your telephone number and request that they call you before delivery, so as to give you time to prepare.

What Vehicle Will Deliver My Riding Surface?

In most cases the delivery vehicle will be a tautliner/ curtain-sider wagon. On request we may be able to source an alternative delivery vehicle.

Questions About Our Riding Surfaces

What Is A Topper Riding Surface?

A topper riding surface is whereby you add a top layer of surface to a preexisting surface. This is most commonly added to sand surfaces, which many find rides too deep or holds water and a topper riding surface helps to reduce or eliminate these problems.

What Is A Standalone Riding Surface?

A standalone riding surface is when a surface is applied directly to the membrane without a preexisting surface being in place. This is usually a more cost effective option and provides a better riding experience.

How Long Will Your Surfaces Last?

The lifespan can be greatly effected by many factors, such as maintenance, weather conditions, frequency of use etc.

Under the correct conditions our surfaces will last 12+ years.

We Live In a Windy Area, Will Your Surfaces Blow Away?

Due to the nature of both our Superior Fibre and Riding Chip, being produced from contamination free carpet tiles, means that the surfaces have a dense backing which significantly reduces the likelihood of the surfaces being blown away. One side of these particular type of riding surfaces has a strong, fibrous and supporting layer, whist the underside had a dense, robust backing.

Do Your Surfaces Freeze?

All of our riding surfaces contain synthetic fibres meaning that they do not freeze (up to -5). However, what does freeze is the water surrounding them. This is true for whatever surface is used. Our riding surfaces help reduce and inhibit the surface from freezing.

Do I Mix In Your Surfaces Or Lay Them On Top?

It’s completely up to, our surfaces work great however laid. It’s up to you how you and what the desired ride you require of your surface.

How Do I Lay Your Surfaces?

We would recommend evenly distributing the bags of surface around the arena before then splitting the bags open or tipping them over to remove the surface from the bag. You can then either lay the surface by hand or using machinery.

What Maintenance Do Your Surfaces Need?

Our Riding Chip and Superior Fibre need virtually no maintenance, only a general poo-pick. Our Fist-Class Fibre will need harrowing on occasion, however this will need doing infrequently and will depend on how heavily the surface is used.

Can I Add Your Surfaces To A Sand Arena?


My Wood Chip Surface Is Rotting. Can I Put Your Surface On Top?

Best practise would be to remove the wood chip before laying another surface. It is highly likely that the wood chip will continue to biodegrade and turn into a mushy substance.

What Depth Is A Topper Riding Surface?

A topper riding surface is estimated at approximately 40/50mm or 1.5/1 inches.

What Depth Is A Standalone Riding Surface?

A standalone riding surface estimated at approximately 80/100 mm or 3.15/4 inches.

We Have A Rubber Surface, Can I Mix In Your Surfaces?

Both our Superior Fibre and Riding Chip have a similar aesthetic to rubber so would be ideal to top up or lay over an existing rubber surface. Our surfaces aid in providing better traction for the horse and help prevent surface loss from the flicking effect created by the horse’s hooves.

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