It is constructed primarily from carpet tiles that have been size reduced making a superb riding surface.

Our surface chip is very hard wearing and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor arenas. Cleaning and maintenance is also minimal making this riding surface preferable for many customers.

Horse Riding Chip
Fibre Flight Laid
  • Can be used as a standalone riding surface
  • Prevents horse from riding too deep – indeed the ride is on the surface as the chip creates a binding layer that ensures the horses hoof is supported and aided during riding.
  • For professional & domestic use
  • Will not blow away
  • Cost-effective & easy to maintain
  • Provides enhanced support to your horse whilst also being forgiving
  • Reduced dust helping to reduce likelihood of provoking an allergic reaction from your horse
  • Enhanced underfoot support when riding, schooling or lunging.
  • Excellent in many weather conditions
  • Will not freeze
  • Provides increased surface traction reducing likelihood of horse slipping in wet weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be used with pre-existing surface
  • Aids water drainage

Equestrian Riding Chip is sold in 2.2m high bags

Equestrian Riding Chip Maintenance

Equestrian Riding Chip is an immensely hard wearing equestrian riding surface with superb longevity when correctly maintained. Surface maintenance therefore is minimal, in that harrowing is only required to level the surface and a general clearance of animal foul. That’s it!

Riding Chip comes in a blend of varying carpet tile types and colours.

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