Tough as nails

Riding arena metal border edging made of even tolerates hard kicks and keeps the ground, landscape & path surface covering in place. Rain, frost and UV rays have little affect on it. Thanks to the beveled edges and splinter-free material, a horse‘s foot is protected if they make contact.

  • For individual borders of riding areas
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Rot resistant, highly stable
Equestrian Products Brochure
Equestrian Products Brochure1


Grey200.0 cm52.2 kgHG 200 20016
Grey225.0 cm58.7 kgHG 200 22516
Grey250.0 cm65.2 kgHG 200 25016
Brown200.0 cm52.2 kgHB 200 20016
Brown225.0 cm58.7 kgHB 200 22516
Brown250.0 cm65.2 kgHB 200 25016
Equestrian Products Brochure45


Grey150.0 cm34.3 kgRGH 1624 15018
Grey300.0 cm68.6 kgRGH 1624 30018
Brown150.0 cm34.3 kgRBH 1624 15018
Brown300.0 cm68.6 kgRBH 1624 30018
Grey150.0 cm34.9 kgEGH 1624 15018
Grey300.0 cm69.2 kgEGH 1624 30018
Brown150.0 cm34.9 kgEBH 1624 15018
Brown300.0 cm69.2 kgEBH 1624 30018

Packaging units are intended for information only. Products exceeding 200 cm in length
are packed on double pallets.
For connection of the U-profiles and for fastening to the substrate, additional square profiles and palisades are needed, as well fixings.