Recycled Products

Products can be processed as necessary with conventional tools and machinery used in wood and metal processing. In general, machining of profiles causes higher tool wear. We therefore recommend the use of carbide-tipped tools & turning techniques. Below are the tips & guidelines to know about horse drawn farm equipments, tools usage & much more!


When bolting recycled profiles together, the profile to be fastened must be pre-drilled (e.g. boards, footpath, square profiles). The hole must be larger than the bolt. Elongated slots are recommended to account for the temperature-related expansion of the material.

Products can be nailed both conventionally and with nail guns. Due to the compact surface, it is, however, more difficult to penetrate the profiles than it would be with wood. Please take this into consideration when installing.

If using a hammer, we recommend using a ram or a corner
protector to prevent damage to the product.

Sunlight affects the profile alignment, and can, for example, cause fence posts to tilt. To prevent profile distortion caused by sunlight, the profiles should not be stored loosely

Recycled profiles are only partially paintable due to their properties. Good results have been obtained using permanently elastic plastic paints (all-weather paints) together with a roughened surface and priming. Permanent paint adhesion cannot be guaranteed.

Compared to wood or metal products, plastic has lower stiffness and greater flexibility. These special material properties must be observed accordingly when planning distance between supports in dock, fence, and patio construction.

Boards, beams, and square profiles must not be press-fitted. The profiles may exhibit length variations of +/- 1.5% due to temperature fluctuations. An expansion gap must therefore be maintained during installation.

We have structural verification tests, installation recommendations, and mounting instructions for many products and applications. For more information please visit

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